Yoga Ed.: 5-Day Instructor Training

North Shore Yoga–Northfield
May 7th–11th, 2013

Tuesday–Friday: 11:00 am–6:30 pm
Saturday: 10:30 am–4:00 pm
(40 Certified Hours)

[Early Registration by April 7th, 2013: $750 + $200 for Materials]
[Fees after April 7th, 2013: $850 + $200 for Materials]

This Certifies You to Teach:

Yoga Ed. K-8 Curriculum in Schools as PE
Teaches Fitness, Health and Life Skills through Yoga
Taught in Schools Nationwide, Canada and Mexico
Includes Lesson Plans, Teacher’s Guide and Game book
Nationally Recognized/Meets Physical Education Standards
Addresses Multiple Intelligences/Three Developmental Levels


Yoga Ed. Tools for Teachers to Classroom Teachers
Simple Yoga Techniques Designed for the Classroom
Teacher Endorsed as Proven Effective Class Management
Enhances Health, Concentration, Relaxation, and Learning
Taught throughout Los Angeles Schools as Professional Development


Curriculum Materials Included:

Yoga Ed. 36-week Curriculum / Teacher’s Guide and Resources
Yoga Ed. Tools For Teachers Training Handbook and Manual
Yoga Ed. CD of music for classes

Pre-Requisite: Completion of Yoga Teacher Training or equivalent.

Call Yoga in Schools at: (412)287-4591

JOANNE SPENCE is a registered yoga teacher, specializing in children’s health and wellness. She has 20 years of social work experience and has been bringing the life-enhancing benefit of yoga to children for 9 years. Joanne is the Director of Yoga on the Square and is the Executive Director of Yoga in Schools (YIS), both based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. YIS is a non-profit organization that instructs children and teachers in physical and emotional fitness through simple yoga-based poses and breathing.

ABOUT YOGA ED: Founded in 2002, Yoga Ed. is known throughout the education and yoga communities as The Yoga Program for Schools. Yoga Ed. develops health/wellness programs and materials that utilize the physiological, emotional and educational benefit of yoga and creative play, distributing them to children, teachers and parents throughout schools and communities nationwide.