Corporate Wellness

North Shore Yoga is committed to integrating yoga study and practice into professional life, while helping each individual reach their fullest potential, both physically and spiritually.

North Shore Yoga’s Yoga Based Wellness Programs include Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Yoga Asana, and Ayurvedic Natural Healthcare. It’s a well known fact that the number one contributor to workplace healthcare cost is stress. Other contributors include back pain, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, digestive diseases, headaches, insomnia, mental health and more. Yoga offers an excellent return on investment for dollars spent on wellness programs.

The evidence shows that when yoga is practiced at work, the physical, emotional and mental tension reducing techniques are immediately transferred to the workplace. Employees will experience an increase in their ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations and have greater energy and enthusiasm for their work. Less reactive decision making, enhanced communication skills and a more positive outlook are only a few of the benefits. With healthy practices in the workplace, productivity increases, absenteeism decreases, and employee benefit costs decrease.

Yoga Based Wellness Programs are a simple and cost effective way to promote physical activity, improve mental health and increase productivity.

Workplace Offerings

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress related health issues, improve mental function, increase creativity and focus, and reduce workplace conflict through improved emotional intelligence. The Awareness Based Meditation Series is specifically designed for practicing in the workplace.

Our breath is directly connected to the mind and nervous system. This class will teach calming, simple breathing techniques to reduce stress and improve focus any time during the day.

• Down Dog at Your Desk™: In this 30 minute “come as you are” class, students learn to stretch, balance and release from problems caused by sitting in front of a computer. This also includes simple breathing and guided meditation.

• Workplace Yoga Classes: Stretch, strengthen, and re-energize. These classes can be customized to meet needs for all different levels. North Shore Yoga prides itself on offering therapeutic yoga postures to improve posture and counter typical musculoskeletal imbalances. All classes include breathing, relaxation and meditation.

Ayurvedic Natural Healthcare

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India and is often called the healing side of Yoga. It is a system of holistic healthcare that considers the uniqueness of each individual as it helps them to create a state of internal harmony and optimal health. Where there is harmony there is health and where there is disharmony there is disease. Symptoms are the natural expression of the body being out of harmony.

Whereas Western medicine is based upon statistics for what works for the general population, Ayurveda is based upon what is right for the individual. The number one issue in surveys of Wellness Plans, was the lack of personal contact with subject matter experts. Working with an Ayurvedic Practitioner from North Shore Yoga directly addresses one’s personal needs. Ayurvedic programs help create a healthy lifestyle through the five senses, utilizing diet, color, aroma, sound, yoga, massage therapies and more.

How we live and the routines of our life play a major role in our well-being. Ayurveda helps one to develop healthy habits surrounding eating, sleeping and daily routine.

There is no one food program that fits everyone. Ayurveda is a science of determining what is right for the individual.

Ayurveda offers on the most advanced herbal science in the world. Many of the herbs are prepared for the individual to specifically meet the needs of the body and mind.

Corporate Memberships

North Shore Yoga provides a special corporate rate for yoga and meditation classes as well massage therapy at all three of our locations, Northfield, Evanston and Bannockburn.