Ayurvedic Healthcare Consultation with Sharyn Galindo

The initial Ayurvedic Consultation takes place in two parts. Once an initial meeting time is set, we will email you some forms to complete and return 24 hours before the initial meeting. The first meeting will take about 90 minutes. We'll review your health history and discuss your diet and daily routine and identify the issues you believe need attention, as well as other conditions that might arise in consultation. In addition, your ayurvedic pulse will be taken, and tongue diagnosed.

The second session together, will take place 3-7 days after the initial meeting and will last 45-60 minutes. At this point we will review some Ayurvedic Principles , go over all recommendations, explain them thoroughly, and discuss options with you and answer any questions that arise.

Follow-Up Visits

Follow-up visits after the initial sessions are extremely useful. This gives you time to begin integrating the recommendations and see how they're working for you. Checking in weekly or every 2 weeks after the initial assessment is recommended initially, to get you on the Ayurvedic path. Then perhaps following up monthly for several months afterward... it's all up to you.

Sharyn Galindo

In 2007 Sharyn expanded her studies to include a Masters program in Holistic Nutrition. In 2010 after 3 years of study and over 1800 hours of work, she received a Clinical Ayurvedic specialist (CAS) certificate from both the California College of Ayurveda and the American Institute of Vedic Studies in 2010. She has spent time in the US and India studying Ayurveda and its effect on Women's Health.

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