Yin Yoga Training

Yin Yoga Training with Chuck Frenkel

This training will be a journey of discovery, delving into the intricacies and subtle nature of yin yoga. In yin yoga, floor postures are held passively for several minutes in order to access the deeper layers of connective tissue in the body. We’ll discuss the yin philosophy in relationship to the more dynamic, active styles of yoga (yang) in order to better understand their complementary nature, both physically and energetically. Yin yoga emphasizes stillness and silence. The practice prepares the body and mind for pranayama and meditation. Through direct experience of the practice you will learn how to apply its teachings in your own practice as well as teach yin to others.

In this weekend you will learn how to:

  • Sequence a yin class based on a lesson plan or theme

  • Make appropriate yin style adjustments and use the wall

  • Visually assess all types of students in a yin pose

  • Create the ambiance of the classroom

This workshop is designed for yoga teachers interested in teaching yin yoga and for seasoned yin students who want to deepen their understanding of the yin practice. A solid foundation in human anatomy is recommended. Be prepared to enjoy a stimulating exchange of ideas as together we explore this ancient practice.

Chuck Frenkel is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance and teaches Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. For Chuck, the inward journey during asana practice is a beautiful meditation which brings him fully into the here and now, accepting the present and all that it offers.

Class Times:

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