Long Yin Practice with Chuck Frenkel

North Shore Yoga–Northfield
Sunday, July 27th, 2014
4:45 pm–7:45 pm

Join us for this special yin yoga practice where we will take the time to explore the full range of yin yoga asanas (postures) while enjoying a deep meditative awareness. Practitioners of yin yoga experience a meditative calm, helping to restore balance while increasing energy. During our practice, we will take an inward journey using the yin practice to help us to gently open our bodies while focusing on stillness and the breath. We will re-learn how to relax and become more mindful, journeying inward, enjoying the moment. We will also enjoy a pranayama practice, some readings related to the yin practice, meditation as well as the led asana practice. Join us for this very special event and deepen your yin practice.

Yin yoga is a gentle yoga practice which focuses on loosening and stretching our connective tissues, opening and restoring the joints and invoking a remarkable feeling of freedom and lightness in the body. Yin yoga works by gently stretching the connective tissues allowing the body's energy to flow more freely. Yin yoga consists primarily of seated asanas that are held for a period of time allowing gravity to do most of the "work".