Bill Hehemann

My yoga practice began in 2008— challenged by a friend to ‘try a class’. Throughout 2009, I practiced "regularly"; once a week, if able. A lifelong gym rat and water-fiend—I found yoga to be a perfect "exercise" to augment my routine.

In 2010, I began practicing more frequently, at a variety of studios, with a variety of teachers. By this time, yoga had become my primary physical practice; 2-3 classes/week was normal. In 2011, I investigated options for teaching and discussed this seriously with a respected teacher and mentor. I enrolled in and completed my 200-Hr. Teacher Training in December. I am currently completing a 500-Hr. Training program.

Put simply—Yoga works! From "practicing yoga" to developing a "yogic practice" came naturally. The benefits have been enormous. Better health, greater and deeper appreciation for life and family, and a special connection to a core group of teachers and students whose energy is real and palpable. I am grateful for all of my teachers who continue to inspire my practice and for whom I have the greatest respect. The basis for learning is recognizing that I will always be a student! There is so much to learn.

‘Practice—and all is coming!’
Sri K. Patthabi Jois