January Theme: Sankalpa ( Intention)

  • January Theme: Sankalpa ( Intention)

    Sankalpa means “will, purpose, or determination.” It means the resolve to do, to perform, to achieve an objective, as a vow or a solemn promise to oneself. Sankalpa also means concept or idea. It is the determination or the will in the mind which precedes all actions. It makes one perform a predetermined act in order to achieve a pre-set goal.  In effect, Sankalpa asks us to meet every moment with FREE-WILL.

    In Yoga class it’s tradition to step onto your mat and set an intention for the practice. This creates a space where the practice connects one’s mind and body, offering a greater purpose beyond the physical realm. An intention can be as simple as a word that you dedicate your practice to that represents a value you’d like to bring into your life. Over time, your actions will start to align with your intentions. When you begin to understand what you are seeking from your practice, you can see how to direct energies and actions in order to get there. You can incorporate a sankalpa into your practice by reciting a short affirmation to bring about positive change. It’s a short term goal for manifesting your reality. It’s all about thinking about a certain value you’d like to invite into your livelihood.

    Deepak Chopra says about Sankalpa:

    “All creation begins with sankalpa. In pure consciousness there is the first stirring of sankalpa, which evolves into thought and speech, finally leading to that action which is evolutionary. An individual who is established in Being can harness the power of sankalpa to bring about the spontaneous fulfillment of any desire. As the Upanishads state ‘You are your deepest desire (sankalpa) As is your desire so is your intention. As is your intention so is your will. As is your will so is your deed. As is your deed so is your destiny.’”

    The important thing is no to limit a sankalpa to just your yoga practice , but apply it to all areas of your life.


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