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February Theme Of The Month!!...
In Samkhya philosophy there are three major guṇas which serve as the fundamental operating principles or “tendencies” of prakṛti (universal nature) which are called: sattva guṇa, and rajas guṇa, tamas guna. The three primary gunas are generally accepted to be associated with creation (satva), preservation (rajas), and destruction (tamas). The entire creation and its process of evolution is carried out by these three major gunas.
All material nature is made up the interplay of three energies or “gunas”. Part of the work of yoga is to go beyond the limitation of seeing life as forms and concepts, and to see the underlying qualities of things.
The gunas are a great map for navigating your way through life. When you can recognize which of these energies is at play in your life, it makes it so much easier to bring about a state of balance.

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